Almdudler is an Austrian soft drink. The classic Almdudler consists of water, sugar, and herb essences. Originally it was created as an alternative to alcoholic beverages or to mix it with them. It makes a claim to being the national drink of Austria. It is the second most popular soft drink in Austria after Coca Cola; 80 million liters are produced yearly. Developed in 1957 by Erwin Klein, the name is a shortened version of the phrase, auf der Alm dudeln. It is sold in traditional, light, still, and “g’spritzt” (mixed with mineral water) versions as well as mixed with beer as “Almradler”.

The slogan of the Almdudler ad campaign is very well known in Austria: Wann die kan Almdudler ham, gemma wieder ham! (Standard German: Wenn die keinen Almdudler haben, gehen wir wieder heim! English: If they don’t have an Almdudler, we’ll go back home!)