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Altwienerhof Restaurant
Herklotzgasse 6
1150 Vienna
The Restaurant Altwienerhof is one of the most traditional restaurants of Vienna. The Altwienerhof is only a few minutes from central Vienna or from Schnbrunn Castle. They serve you good old traditional Viennese food. Selected Austrian and international wines and other drinks round up the taste of our excellent food.

1030 Vienna
The restaurant offers accomplished consumption in native ambience.

Himmelpfortgasse 24
1010 Vienna
The old established Viennese restaurant offers traditonal Viennese dishes, and is located in the opposite of the legendary "Ronacher" in the centre of Vienna.

Lusthaus Vienna
Freudenau 254
1020 Vienna
A place of the old Vienna built by Maximilian II, dearly loved by Emperor Kaiser Franz Joseph II. From a hunting lodge, meeting point of the noblesse, baroque pavillon, caricatured by Adalbert Stifter, frequented by Arthur Schnitzler amd Felix Salten, symbol of the swining form of amusement, incomparable opening to the nature, mild shadows of the romantic, to a nowadays popular restaurant. The ambiente is a mix of historic stylish elegance and contemporary easy manners in the heart of Vienna.

Restaurant Brgerhof
Gentzgasse 127
1180 Vienna
Restaurant Brgerhof is a typical Viennese restaurant, with elegant atmosphere, tradition and 70 years of experience. In the vicinity of the Vienna Volksoper, the efficient and friendly staff can comfortably handle groups of up to 150 persons. The restaurant offers a moderately-priced menu of Viennese specialties (main dishes from 6,- to 11,-) as well as four different dinner specials (from 12,- to 26,-). Menus are also available in English, French, Italian and Russian.

Restaurant Waldviertlerhof
Schnbrunnerstrasse 20
1050 Vienna
The restaurant can prove culinary tradition since 1761.

Restaurant Alte Backstube
Lange Gasse 34
1080 Vienna
The restaurant is located in one of the loveliest baroque buildings of Vienna. Built as baker's shop on mediaeval remnants in 1697. The baking business was closed in 1963, and transformed into a restaurant business. There is a museum of the baking house included in the restaurant.

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